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As a Nitric Acid Supplier in Ghana, We Know the Many Uses of this Powerful Chemical

nitric acid in ghana

As a leading nitric acid supplier in Ghana, Aseda Chemicals & Equipment Ltd knows firsthand the many uses of this powerful chemical. Nitric acid is a versatile substance with a wide range of applications in industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace. One of the most common uses of nitric acid is in the production of … Read more

Your Trusted Nitric Acid Supplier in Ghana

Nitric Acid supplier

With over 13 years of experience in exporting industrial chemicals and equipment throughout Africa and worldwide. Aseda Chemicals & Equipment Ltd is always dedicated to helping you receive the best quality of products when you are dealing with us. We believe in maintaining long-term business relations rather than shorter ones. What is Nitric Acid?  Nitric … Read more

What Are Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals are substances that are use in the production of other goods. They are not typically consume by people, but they can be toxic and dangerous if mishandled. Industrial chemicals can be found in a variety of industries, including: Petrochemical industry The petrochemical industry is a subset of these industries that produce and distribute … Read more

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